Bringing talents together
across industries.

Our Vision and Mission


Our aspiration is to continue being the trusted partner of the global industry, offering specialized staffing services for manpower.


Our mission is to help premier organizations connect with top-tier talent, upholding integrity, excellence, and teamwork as our fundamental values.

Our Principle


Our cutting-edge staffing solutions aim to bridge skill gaps in the job market and match competent professionals to vacancies in any sector precisely when needed. With our expert staffing services, we help streamline your HR process, keeping your business on track and boosting productivity to ensure success across all sectors.

Vendor Management System Services

Melon’s integrated VMS solutions are designed to automate and expedite administrative processes, providing customers with a competitive advantage by enabling faster job request fulfillment compared to their competitors. Through our VMS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, job requirements are efficiently distributed to staffing agencies, recruiters, consultants, and other specialized vendors, simplifying the process of using multiple vendors. Our VMS services include a range of essential features:

  1. Risk Mitigation
  2. Supplier Onboarding
  3. Financial Compliance Management
  4. Applicant Tracking Function
  5. SLA Management Software
  6. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) tools

These features are tailored to help you streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve success in all sectors.

Managed Service Providers

Empowering organizations to oversee skilled contingent workforces, our staffing Managed Service Provider enhances technical proficiency and operational effectiveness across all scales. Integral to the client’s HR function, we handle the full lifecycle from talent acquisition to efficient employee management. Our MSP services encompass:

Our Staffing Solutions

Contract staffing services

Executive search consultants

Discover the ideal visionary leader for senior management and C-level roles, driving your organization’s success with our thorough research into efficiency and impact.

Expat recruitment services

Minimize expatriate hiring failures by attracting highly qualified professionals who align with your long-term needs. Achieve this through our enhanced selection methods.

Temporary staffing solutions

Optimize your hiring with our project-based services, saving time, streamlining onboarding, and swiftly filling vital positions. Scale your hiring up during busy periods and down during lean times.

Payroll outsourcing services

Offering AI and ML-driven automated payroll systems for streamlined payroll processing, outsourcing, and self-service payroll management for employees, all in compliance with labor laws.

Why Us?

Job Portal

Streamlined communication

Diverse Talent Pool

Staffing-service Optimized TAT

Industries we serve

Industries covered include Accounting/Finance, Banking, Allied Health Services, Alternate Energy (Bio-Fuels), Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace, Bio-Technology, Construction, Consulting Services, Consumer Goods & FMCG, Departments of States, Energy & Utilities, Engineering (Mechanical/Civil/Chemical/Electrical), Food & Beverage, Gaming (PC/PS/Nintendo/Xbox), Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Insurance, Life Sciences, Light & Heavy Industrial, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Entertainment, Non-Profit Organizations, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Real Estate & Property Management, Research & Development, Retail, Robotics & Automation, Telecommunication, Transportation, Universities & Educational Institutions.

Global Coverage

Being a premier staffing outsourcing firm, we offer extensive global opportunities for individuals and organizations via our expansive network. Our professional staffing solutions span all 50 states of the United States without geographical restrictions.

Leveraging our vast recruitment expertise across diverse industries, we connect individuals with suitable roles precisely when needed. Our aim is beyond mere placement – we endeavor to forge teams that foster personal and professional growth for both individuals and organizations.