Payroll Outsourcing Services
Get complete control over your business finance!


Specializes in tailored payroll solutions using user-friendly tools and tech to enhance workforce management, including scheduling, pay, attendance, CTC, payslips, leave, and reimbursements.


Through our all-encompassing payroll outsourcing, we address diverse requirements seamlessly, catering to both small enterprises and large corporations. We consistently update clients’ payroll systems to align with evolving laws and regulations, lightening their load.


In alignment with corporate norms.

Complete payroll outsourcing services.

Trustworthy payroll outsourcing partner for lowering processing expenses and meeting compliance requirements, ensuring precise, efficient, and consistent implementation.

Leave management system

Choose our swift, efficient, and user-friendly tool to set up your leave categories, personalize holiday schedules, save time with automated leave management reports, avoid employee conflicts, and eliminate compliance risks with labor laws.

Statutory compliance

Streamline crucial payroll tasks such as PF and ESI through automated processes. Stay legally compliant and ensure smooth business operations with seamlessly integrated cloud-based payroll outsourcing modules and HR services.

Reimbursement claims

Efficiently handle claims and reimbursements for employee business expenses, insurance premiums, and excess taxes.

HR outsourcing services

Creating a dedicated budget to organize and stabilize HR and employment policies, facilitating core functions and promoting legitimate and productive operations throughout the organization.

Employee self-service

Employees can access their data such as downloading payslips, attendance, reimbursement details, holiday list, taxation details, leave adjustment details, downloading PF cards, and even requesting any update if required.